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Includes computer setup or repair, software & operating system troubleshooting. Covers laptop or desktop computers. Need a WordPress website built with some of the best hosting prices around? We cover any type of website build & hosting services! Contact Us!

Any Computer Related Problem | We Can Fix

We believe in being upfront & honest. So here’s a little info about the owner. Phillip is a full stack developer with knowledge in many programming languages. Started off as a hobby & he ended up spending a lot of time troubleshooting Microsoft Windows problems & building computers from scratch. Phillip went on to get certification in many programming languages including using cloud resource systems. Phillip is also proficient with networking, mobile app development, website back-end & front-end development. We could list more but let’s stop there. Just rest assured, when we say we can fix any computer problem, we can!

Free Consultation & Quote

So where are we located & how do you get in touch? So if you did not see the phone number & email at the very top of the page, we will list it again. We are located in Louisiana just outside of the New Orleans area. With all of the virtual learning that’s going on & people working from home, more computer issues will arise. We are here to fix your problems, just shoot us an email at optloc.dev@gmail.com or give us a call at 504-377-6441. Please have a detailed description of what the problem is & we will go from there. Do not pay for these overpriced manufacturer technical support plans, these companies have people located outside of the United States that work off of computer software to try & solve your problems & never seem to fix the problem. Another words, they have no clue what they are doing! Contact us & we will get your problems fixed. All computers whether its a desktop or laptop, we can fix including hardware issues. It’s free of charge to discuss the problem!

What if you need a website built?

From searching the domain name to building a custom website with hosting, we can do! We can also get you some of the best pricing on these services. Any type of web hosting service you may have searched, we have, just ask. These quotes and initial consultation are also free. Just give us a call/email to discuss what you want & we will give you a quote to get you up & running. Anything & everything related to building & hosting a website including post build services like security & malware removal, we can do. Just contact us.